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icon and graphic journal for nikki4noo

icons by nikki4noo
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icon and graphics journal for nikki4noo
Hi, you've found the icon journal for nikki4noo. Feel free to watch the community if you want. :D

If you use any of my graphics, please credit either nikki4noo or iconnoo so that others can find their way here, if they want.

Textures sourced from the following talented people:
17stolenkisses, 17tvfreek, 99mockingbirds, anteebellum, aquatilitis, argentarya, assortedlunatic, astroyds, blue_emotion, bourniio, bttrfly_kiss, bystrawbrry, cla22ire, chantiigg@deviantart, cm_colourimetry, coffeeandsilk, colorvary, crazydd, crazydelight, crazykira@deviantart, darlaslilgirl, daylightings, dirrtylady, durumii, echo4alpha, eowyn_rus, erniemay, foreverafter, february_day, fleetwoodicons, forevernevermor, fragilegraphics, recycle, gfxgurl, graphical_love, graphisize, hakanaidreams, haudvafra, iconistas, iconxraven, infiniteangst, innocent_lexys, insanefray, ivison, aoi_sama896, jaobsessed, joel_le, jordansavas, katcal062301, kateliciously, keoni_chan, kixtwix, kyosei, light_ofmy_life, lilyrach, lovelyroxy, maffinoyobiai, midnight_road, music_fun, nitoy, notfadeaway, ohfreckless, oncloudse7en, onlysugarcoated, orange_teardrop, pandavirus, preferthemoss, about_forever, red_fairy_only, shalowater, she_rockstar, sintonia, sixtysixheavens, solstice_fairy, spud66cat, staphylae@deviantart, hepburnette, talipuu, terempaty, thescrapbox, tiger_tutorials, tomycoffee, tunichtgut@deviant art, twinstrikeish, txgirl0302, unpresented, vacantbeauty, vividtruth, volkat91, wandering_foxy, xloliconsx, xswaniconsx, xxkittykatexx, and yunhe.

PSD and colouring tutorials sourced from the following very kind users
99mockingbirds, amazingenough, anteebellum, ayaka, breakthedoor, bttrfly_kiss, chantiigg, dazzling09, diamondlightart, dirrtylady, recycle, hlloi, infiniteangst, juneybug, kuuwi, liadan1985, lostree, lunatum, memonechan, mrsnadal, nargynargy, pokermary, prettylittlegfx, princess_loser, querita, sparklingover, tinebrella, trapne, vividtruth and yumi_iko. Also from the following website.

Caps sourced from rawr_caps or created myself. Stock images sourced via Creative Commons or from relevant lists over at Deviantart.